Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Vagrant heart spasm
free mixture splattered
what’s wrong back in
attempt to reassure

Treatment mutters forever
scooping out relationship
with teeth exposed like
a woman with no past

I ask because it’s that simple
Checkered history goes
where I need not devise
a good idea of what
happens next

The door opens and shuts
looking suddenly bereft
aching to be parallels
that soothe but never
put off the urge to cry

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emwrld (1

I thought yes let me out
now beating thrall
somehow different
and my voice faltering
out of mistake drowning
always divided nightmare

No answer the sheets
faintly visible like a prison

Struggle small and fragile
fear of moon thunder
incessant rain deposit
under day I conjure

My eyes of water moving
thick dark shadow of a shadow

My life what is left of it
empty full lassitude
weary sodden trickles
slush of consciousness
without listening in time
the hunt for waterproof sky