Monday, December 13, 2010


Lured into a trap to blame
generic brand of anguish

mixed with random sticks and
stones buried centuries ago

by some child at play deriving
inspiration from game obsessed

with details left here by local
custom put in context far from

inkling of solace spread across
graves of those who perish in

ignorance like some tourist
of the hidden sea and vessel

of luminous sadness scanning
the horizon while missing

wind that shakes whole body
to renew itself each time

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Growing anxious at intervals
to etch a jagged line at upper
reaches that become nostalgic

above town clock losing shelter
in perspective across floating
rows of megaliths at each end

This chimerical effect long since
erased from the situation a man
associates with last steps taken
by the author of an old book

The reading remains shut up in
itself to reach threshold first
noticed in a voice which was
either too low or too high

as though an audible word had
never been spoken except to make
sure tomorrow will be like today

Here clarity is an illusion
no mirror image can replace
There may be one whose eyes
become a knife opening a piece

of living flesh to say commentary
as such will have a roof over
one’s head and a place to sleep

that is restless and confused in
the light of characters in doubt
shuttling around barren paths
leading to dreams of death which

served as a station of transit
for poets considered insignificant
by the next regenerated engine

for those disloyal because travel
used strange terms to make
contours come alive from depths
on page after page while actually
listening to something else

Monday, November 29, 2010


Room bursting with walls
accentuating shapes of night

provided almost invisible
message of property damage

that dominates reports
from country of lush failure

special shared graphic blowing
against cave dwelling in a tone

of rising amazement fueling
inserts from behind the corner

of one particular day playing
data class card to get bearings

while being distracted by those
cast out of the bidden fold

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Expensive curtain dropped
on a scene for one purpose

X in grass playing oddly
given a chance for friendly

escape even doldrums
regard as energy at the peak

Expression suddenly far out
into absent reverse zone

with edges of violent action
that has made an obvious

decision throwing text down
and over projected balance

Support role conducive to
nature behind thick glass

treading rhythm necessary
to incessant buzz of traffic

spread over massive critical
holes in a bridge of thawed ice

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Crazy about wanderings
that seldom dare to leave
mental cubicle holding self
I didn’t feel sorry for

Longing instead of moving
around in crowds
could survive like me
in a dream and alone

Encounters require nuance
more than visiting attended

Bent down by light from
a jolt under two trees
parallel branches form
an arch for wires scorched
like clouds in the breach

mixed with soot and birds
to avoid deserted platform
as I say it now appears

Friday, October 22, 2010


Drive or be driven along
grievance repeated,
do target detail between
apples on shoulders

Feel scream run through
body silence that anyone
can have by accident

Protest ready at hand
distributes ungainly order
for all disparity

A group like dirt truck
heavy on each other’s back,
huddling under flag raised
in a gleam forgotten

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Framed need or wrinkled
wish that cannot be fulfilled

In the long run only pause
while existence has never

been more than dread good
getting used to static before

a transformation confused
with bushes leaves no trace

in the wind-ruffled prints of
bare feet and legs outstretched

on the move dumping facts
that give the impression of

a spacious landscape in the
windows hazy from smoke

while in reality air itself is
a forest of fading barriers

built up with transmitters
tempting manifold forms

determined to go by instinct
to judge demand returning

from a nearby market feeling
impossible attempt made

at communication during
torrent from book still closed

Friday, October 8, 2010


Seeing eyes of screen which erupt
at regular intervals on command

Snatches of monotone humming
path to impediment flanked by

crutches at the back of an unlit room
Burning half darkness shows issue

spotted with mold as though the
structure had been broken and

resealed under vague threat
of a single point just beyond

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emwrld (10

I become dumbfounded after
so many struggles to remember
names, faces and events

that keep increasing influence
responsible somehow for loss
of one redemptive cause

I go on and on about the story
in anticipation of a visit from
circumstances pointing to

the end just around the corner
but today eyes fall upon the
surface marked with verbiage

made palpable by searching
for clues altered to realize
desire occupies its former spot

like private property exposing
flare-up in mind that played
a nasty trick in the past

understood as life pulling
an elaborate switch to start
the whole process once again

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Emwrld (9

All season the wind blows against
confines that enforce solitude
of conversation and debate

I long to be light again
to walk crunching on the ground
of voices with no need

to make the proximity of
delirious prose seem like
something written in midstream

where certain passages are
situated in terrain of precise shade
a strip of film spread across

the yard endowed with meaning
that remembers and forgets why
images got mixed up as a young boy

approached his equinox always
being abducted by secret travel
through leaves scattered unaware

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Emwrld (8

Another view interrupted
far-flung preference for
mystery of the door solved
once a knock is heard

The door opens pushing
envelope that would suggest
it was unlocked all along

Residue entered knowing
trouble to escape
pessimistic prospects living
in a state of benign tension

evident throughout report
finished on schedule both
incredulous and confused

by gestures of appeasement
toward art that still needs
to get connection first

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Emwrld (7

Stagger doing exercise
scarcely astonished during trip
covering a distance in circles
potentially of therapeutic value

For example type when induced
by spells to pass from position
conserving more urgent matters

Sense of guilt that returns with
a question that haunts as
investigation glances down
a list of names that replaced

what happened to the source
of emotion concealed
by those who put up signs
along futuristic memory lane

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emwrld (6

This brief last-minute invitation
is a matter of telling minutes
puzzling over sublime
ordinary circumstances

I found it odd to have
qualms before critique of a social
person who had attained rank
just short of access throughout

the central corridor when
embedded feeling was shaking
rather than announcing those with
authority and conviction

At such time I take a pounding
as experience introduced
during epidemic that has

become the official word on file
if opinion would transform itself
and appear still alive

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emwrld (5

On shore arrange pebbles
least not metaphor
trying passion blind
to one pebble that meant
wisdom around many others

Got lost within musing
about issue of soul dialect
being understood when all
is not right with a sentence

that burst out laughing
on the edge of water chosen
whose name eludes sensation
of throwing one back in

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emwrld (4

Intent as a song cast
the dead so ripe they appear
and speak power ancient
forehead now

Blue rushed at parade’s
yoked imagination
stealthy thrust backward
shows searching alone

for glory bound enigmas
assailing that other friend
put off in long crash of
calm on every side

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emwrld (3

My throat choking
with beliefs lowered onto
the ground by telescope
become too much to bear

To break grasp of lineage
a quarrel claimed otherwise
with such vehemence
going to hell by self-defense

Vault remains to swallow
realism and dismiss
what I do know for certain
suggesting tragic strain

to turn a profit that sits
in the chair next to mine

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Vagrant heart spasm
free mixture splattered
what’s wrong back in
attempt to reassure

Treatment mutters forever
scooping out relationship
with teeth exposed like
a woman with no past

I ask because it’s that simple
Checkered history goes
where I need not devise
a good idea of what
happens next

The door opens and shuts
looking suddenly bereft
aching to be parallels
that soothe but never
put off the urge to cry

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emwrld (1

I thought yes let me out
now beating thrall
somehow different
and my voice faltering
out of mistake drowning
always divided nightmare

No answer the sheets
faintly visible like a prison

Struggle small and fragile
fear of moon thunder
incessant rain deposit
under day I conjure

My eyes of water moving
thick dark shadow of a shadow

My life what is left of it
empty full lassitude
weary sodden trickles
slush of consciousness
without listening in time
the hunt for waterproof sky