Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Bird-like presentation did
require phrasing imbued
with spirit that inspired
four shoes dancing to a tune
imposed on each ritual

Stage is set where puppet
manipulate bits and pieces
created on knees bent over
unsaid veracity polished like
a rifle trained on paper

There is no result better if
symptoms emerge that are
totally different from what is
being written by those who
appreciate a good audience

The bird the shoes the rifle
pay no attention to signals
that intersect the plane of
their unique melange

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Daily round overloaded with
acts of omission

Vibrant exchange faces drawn
shutter of emotion

Difficult squeeze into capsule
I receive from depths

of ill-remembered partner that
I couldn’t live without

In grief I preserve feelings drained
to the last drop

In bathroom mirror expressions
should indicate

where I retreated after mistakes
made again and again

I realized a multitude of gestures
that glow in the dark

like entire worlds hidden under
bruises left by fingers

grasping edges I find even in
thoughts that

don’t really care who I am

Friday, January 14, 2011


Note glued to windshield
steaming in the humid air

Waiting in line of credit to
access contours of night

packing theater with original
sin following curse aimed

at cash machine that giveth
and taketh human value as

an angel blows kisses to a
snake proceeding on a dare

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Fringes love whistling of
desert space behind a ruin

that might be mistaken for
what was once a place of

worship showing precepts
that develop the other side

Soon goes to hell enclosed
by ramparts pointing at

anomaly like wild crown or
crooked tool scratching

outline of journey inside
the beholder racing toward

wire mesh trash ticket
in the next fitness course

joining a procession that
suddenly stops on a dime