Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Angle of collapse is raised
during business promoted
to gain permission humming
with powers that be

You may not know it but
defender brainwashed those
shameful about resentment
in town where certain forms
of behavior are confused with
attack on the public arena

To withstand burden from an
anonymous desire requires
notice of position taken
far too seriously by denizens
of hope brushed aside

A serene independence is
aware of the absurdity caused
by dirth of free interruption

Do what is necessary
we say while making art rage
against the price paid to
satisfy our need

Monday, March 14, 2011


Wet sox left under the waxing
moon of those not admitting
belief in a long day’s work

Someone reached for the bell
announcing holy war in a field
behind my father’s desk

Another departure fitted with
a frame that I invented
and then dug up in the cellar

Twin features of obsession now
making a ghost enlist and steal
eyes out of their orbit

Account selected with a hammer
when lifting or crushing slabs
afraid of everything else

Like award for diligence
by entourage stuck between
appointments and a subject

seemingly incurable that copes
with hogwash religion until
zero decides to play fair

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Faded orders filled mansion with
slush from bankrupt strategy

Expert witness for prize breakdown
Mind body request granted to name

found at museum of anxious hunger
Money and more money to support

project connecting dots of string
theory at odds with every headline

Amnesia drugs employed by
doctor that says what he is told

about midpoint of life smelling
flowers that don’t help condition

passing through airport searching
pockets for an address thrown away