Sunday, September 19, 2010

Emwrld (8

Another view interrupted
far-flung preference for
mystery of the door solved
once a knock is heard

The door opens pushing
envelope that would suggest
it was unlocked all along

Residue entered knowing
trouble to escape
pessimistic prospects living
in a state of benign tension

evident throughout report
finished on schedule both
incredulous and confused

by gestures of appeasement
toward art that still needs
to get connection first


  1. Doors are mysterious things. Especially when someone knocks, or rings a bell, and you are not expecting anyone. Who is it? A seventh day adventist? A sales person? Do sales people still exist in the day of eBay and the internet? There is the opportunity to not open the door at all. Pretend you're not home. And some doors have little peepholes. You can see who might be standing outside, holding a clipboard full of petitions to be signed, a case of cologne and lipstick, a religion to push. "Emworld (8" also suggests, at the very beginning ("Another word interrupted") Coleridge's now legendary interruption when writing "Kubla Kahn, or a Vision in a Dream," which is strangely resolved by the admission for connectivity, art must not lose all connection with the outside world, so that a door then becomes a symbol of this open/close conundrum. The dilemma of exterior verses interior inscribed in the grain of the door.

  2. Spencer your art is ultra Cool, but I really liked that poem. It struck my fancy somehow.

  3. Thanks, John. Yr comment is a poem in itself. And thanks to meL also.