Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Discrete Facing Quality Below

No name stood out
so necessity took the bait

Developing career
then from that point backwards

Good news is coming
now it’s gone and you still
crave unhealthy food

Truth travels in small packages
opened by the wrong person

Why ask a question
to get attention if you’re not
a spoiled child?

Stay connected by going to sleep

Showings nightly by victims
of the forecast made each morning

One hand doesn’t know
what the other is doing
to gain the upper hand

Projecting an image
that controls all the info
we have about freedom

Between want and need
is wisdom everyone needs
but no one wants

Extra exits all around
when darkness closes early

Petitioning for a change of scale
raised on influence

Continual attempts stop
to dislodge fingers clawing at
years of neglect

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